Darby's Famous Homemade Salsa

Prepared with fresh vegetables and seasoning and made at a mild, medium, hot, 
extra hot flavor, and our NEW extreme hot flavor.
Packaged in vacuumed sealed quart and pint mason jars and is usually available upon
request or within 24 hours.

Quart jars sell for $6.50 each and pint jars sell for $4.50 each.
Flavors are shipped by the case only. Each case contains 12 jars. Purchase 11 jars at
regular price and receive the 12th jar free.

Go to one of the links below to order your "Salsa, Fiesta Gift Baskets, or Cookbooks" today,
or if you have any questions e-mail or call Darby Meads at:

e-mail: darbyscatering@gmail.com
telephone: 1-850-598-7272

Salsa is Available through Darby by Calling 850-598-7272 or email: darbyscatering@gmail.com
Contrary to what you might have heard, my prices have not changed in years.
Quart jars are $6.50 and Pint jars are $4.50

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